Spirit Talk January 2015

Posted by Chris on Friday, 16 of January , 2015 at 12:06 am

Animal Communicator Karen Anderson shares some of her stories and gives a reading on Chris’s pets.

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Spirit Talk


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Comment by Monica

Made Friday, 16 of January , 2015 at 8:07 pm

Wow..I’m blown away. I absolutely agree with u.. Something very evil is infiltrating our lives, society, television..The veil is lifted/filter gone.I have been saying the same thing….just evil spiritual warfare..everywhere!
I have been made fun if,definitely talked about- people will text me asking if I’m “ok” lol I do not get mad..I am so blessed to see it unfold.. Thank you for reassuring me about my Catholic Faith, I agree not all the rules R great, but I think if ur intentions R pure, you R covered by Jesus. I feel the church is moving towards a NWO..which is scary .. Bible prophecy right before our eyes.

Comment by Kirsten

Made Wednesday, 21 of January , 2015 at 7:35 am

Very uplifting interview! I think I even felt myself healing in some way that I didn’t know I needed – like you, I’ve worried about pets that have passed on. There also is a lesson about waking up and tuning-in to the renewable source of love that we get from animals that we’re supposed to spread out to the world, as I recall doing as a toddler but had somehow got lost along the way. What d’ya know – as the saying goes – everything we’re looking for and need IS in our own backyard! Very interesting and refreshing interview! Especially with all the attention being given to demons and whatnot these days in the paranormal media. I’m sick of it. Okay, it’s good to be kept informed and understand both sides, I know. But what we need now is this ripple of positivity. It’s time for more messages from folks like Karen! Yay! Thank you! I’m enjoying this virtual ride I get to take with you! You should be paid for this. I’ll think of something. I’m feeling guilty. 😀

Comment by Mark

Made Sunday, 28 of June , 2015 at 4:54 am

I found Karen’s statement that the animals know what we are saying of particular interest. Ever since listening to this podcast, I find that I am careful what I say, and how I say it to my cats.

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