Spirit Talk November 2014

Posted by Chris on Monday, 3 of November , 2014 at 5:59 pm

Spirit Talk November 2014

Chris interviews Arielle Ford – author, speaker and relationship expert who explains Soul Mates and how to manifest a new soul mate in your current life.

WEBSITE: www.soulmatesecret.com

Spirit Talk


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Comment by Lena

Made Monday, 10 of November , 2014 at 3:13 pm

There is faulty logic here because soul mates are not necessarily the opposite sex and they are not necessarily someone you marry. Even a friend could be a soulmate. In some cases even animals are soul mates. Her husband most likely isn’t even her soul mate even if they are very compatible. It is possible to manifest someone very compatible with you but that person is not a soul mate. Many people never find their soul mate and not everyone is supposed to. Just because your soul is here doesn’t mean theirs is too. All souls take different journeys. It’s comparable to getting your class schedule as a kid. Sometimes you get classes together and sometimes you got none. If you are lonely and just want someone lying next to you at night try a dating site.

Comment by Maria Arnott

Made Tuesday, 11 of November , 2014 at 5:48 pm

Just listened to this podcast and found it very helpful.

I laughed when she said she woke up one morning and realised she forgot to get married :-) Glad I’m not the only one :-)

Ariel pointed out some things that in hindsight (like you) were indicators/behaviours that maybe ‘they’ weren’t ‘the one’.

Sorry if this may be a bit long…

but for example, when I was with my ex partner we had a date to have dinner with my brother and his wife (they were in town briefly and I hadn’t seen them for a year). As it turned out he made us 40 mins late to the restaurant. I was very upset at the time saying that he wasn’t invested in our relationship and disrespected my family by doing this. Immediately after he responded I had the realisation that this wasn’t going to work as I wouldn’t have dreamed of behaving that way with his family. Instead of heeding the ‘warning’ I stayed in the relationship. Suffice to say, I should have heeded that little hint as the real personality manifested itself over time. I also had a dream soon after the relationship that I argued with my passed mother that he wasn’t right for me. Which was unusual as in life every guy I brought home was perfect heheh. Note to self…listen to your gut and your relatives.

He was not a soulmate in my interpretation of the word but was in my life for a reason(s) I feel.

I have had 4 soulmates that were there for me that, each in turn taught me about myself. So I think they can also be there briefly to serve a purpose.

One was not human but a big velvet brown brain damaged Burmese named Clyde. He helped me through some stuff by simply being himself and unconditional.

And one is a childhood friend that has reconnected with me a couple of years ago and helped me with some struggles I was having in a spiritual sense.

As for that wish list….it’s a long one….can it be too long? Heheh
Thanks so much for puttin these interviews together, I always enjoy the content and always gives food for thought.

Best wishes

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