Spirit Talk August 2014

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, 19 of August , 2014 at 5:46 pm

Spirit Talk August 2014

Suicide – with the recent death of Comedian and Actor Robin Williams, Chris Fleming speaks with Dr. Pamela Heath, MD, Pys.D. author of “Suicide- What Happens In The Afterlife?” on what souls go through before or after, as well as things to consider and what we need to know to in healing these souls or our own conscious thoughts. We are the creators of our own reality.

WEBSITE: http://www.pamelaheath.com/

Spirit Talk


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Comment by Julie

Made Wednesday, 20 of August , 2014 at 12:34 pm

Thank you, Chris, for some wonderful insights that really help me to think about ways to deal with my struggle between conservative Christian roots and the search for a truth that will resonate with me. I love that you see things from a broader perspective. I also love that you give some specifics on how to help spirits who are earthbound. There are so many ghost hunter shows that focus only on proving that spirits exist but then drop it there. I get so frustrated when the spirit box says “help me” and the people just say…cool! Really enjoyed this interview.

Comment by Kirsten

Made Sunday, 24 of August , 2014 at 11:59 am

Thanks for pushing out yet another ripple of positive perspective and experience to the universe, and for me to catch as it goes out. Very interesting conversation with Dr. Heath. I liked the way you two worked together in that you would speak from your experience, then she would back it up with her experiences as well, or take the core of the concept and put another spin on it. Well done!

On a side note, now I’m extra bummed that I missed that session when you were in NH. Sounds like you had a great time – and I agree that there’s a lot of spirits/energy people that need a little help. Kudos to you for trying to help them out.

I wish I could ask you more about helping them to move on, but I’m not sure if you even see these comments. So I say to the universe, I think some of us are supposed to help not only the living but also the dead, while we are alive and can do it. I’m wondering more about the method you use. I’ve tried, and I think succeeded, to help spirit people get out of the spiritual mud, so to speak. For some reason I feel it helps to mentally try to get the energy of the room to spin a bit to help give them momentum. Then I suggest they concentrate on the love they’ve known in life, perhaps when they were a child (without the bad stuff they may have experienced). Then focus on that love and ask them to look for the spirit/s who are looking for them and have their “hand” out to reach them. Maybe that’s just gratuitous silliness, but – whatever works.

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