Spirit Talk March 2014

Posted by Chris on Friday, 7 of March , 2014 at 12:11 pm

Spirit Talk March 2014

David Weatherly shares strange encounters with Mysterious Beings such as The Grinning Man, Djinn, Puckwudgies and more.

Websites:  http://twocrowsparanormal.blogspot.com/

Spirit Talk


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Comment by Spookypalooza

Made Saturday, 8 of March , 2014 at 8:46 pm

The person of black that loses it’s angular human shape and morphs into black mist – you said EXACTLY the same thing I did when I saw it. Not, “What is that?” or “Who is that?” but “What the HELL is that?!” knowing on some level that it is an it not a who, and that the word “Hell” was without a doubt, relevant. Then the telepathic communication that clearly defines it’s nasty intent, and then the concept of movement at the speed of thought… The only thing I thought might be in conflict to what you described, is that I think it is not capable or maybe allowed to stay in human form for long. The one I saw was there for at least a full 2 minutes or more but then it got sucked backward out of a corner of the room and with that I got the feeling like some other force was pulling it back because it had stayed too long. Sometimes you drive me nuts Chris because now I can’t use my inner-denial skills. 😀

Comment by Spookypalooza

Made Saturday, 8 of March , 2014 at 9:28 pm

The rabbit story. When I had my experience I thought it was weird but figured that it was probably perfectly natural and that I was just ignorant about extremely large jack rabbits, or figured since it was hopping that maybe my eyes had somehow interpreted it as being bigger than it actually was. I mean come on, seems ridiculous, right? OMG. Now you guys are talking about the huge owls too. This is not happening. I’ve seen 5 huge white ones within the past 2 months. I wonder how many other people who listen to your podcasts feels like they need a shot of whiskey to cope afterward.

Comment by Mukti

Made Tuesday, 20 of May , 2014 at 2:10 pm

When I was a child, around 3-4 years old, I was awakened every night for several months by a touch. The first time I experienced this I thought it was my mom or dad coming to check on me as they often did, but it wasn’t. I remember waking up and reaching out like I normally would in anticipation of feeling one of my parents embrace me in return, but I felt nothing. I opened my eyes looking for the silhouette my parents normally made but couldn’t find it. I saw something move to my left and then saw the silhouette of a man, who I thought was my dad, standing above and over me ducked just underneath the canopy of my bed (very big!). I remember reaching out waiting for daddy to reach back and tell me to go back to sleep but instead it quickly moved towards me until we were face to face and smiled the biggest scariest sharp toothed grin. I remember screaming but thinking, or being told, that my parents couldn’t hear me. I continued to scream anyway, and after what seemed like a long time, my parents did come running in to console me. The other features I can remember were deep eye sockets that held tiny eyes in the middle of them, like using a Skittle for the eyes of a skull. He wore overalls, a shirt with a collar underneath and a hat with a flat wide brim which made me call him “scarecrow”. I do not remember seeing a nose or ears.
I would see this figure nearly every night, he would hover sometimes at the end of my bed and sometimes closer. Before I could see him grin I would get under the covers screaming for my parents. Eventually I stopped screaming for them and when I was awakened I would hide under my covers and repeat to myself that it wasn’t real until I fell asleep.
Eventually it stopped happening. I always assumed it was just a figment of my little kid imagination and wondered what made me see such a scary looking thing, and why I continued to see it for so long. I am an only child who was sheltered from most everything. Even at older ages if my parents heard the slightest noise at night they were in my room checking on me. I was only allowed to watch PBS toddler shows for a limited time each day. I wasn’t exposed to anything that would be even remotely considered scary to my knowledge. My room was well lit at night by the neighbors security light, it was so bright when I got older I was able to read by it. So I really could not understand where I had gotten such an image. It was the only “weird” thing that happened in my life that I could not explain. I’ve never heard anyone talk about anything even slightly resembling “scarecrow” until I heard this podcast. I can still picture this Grinning Man like it happened yesterday and I’m 31 now.

Comment by Randy

Made Wednesday, 11 of June , 2014 at 11:30 am

When I was in my late twenties, I had a beautiful daughter named Amber. One day Ambers mother Teresa, who had two other children vanished. No one, no relatives, friends or any of Teresa’s children’s fathers ever saw them again. Now we find out that in 1996 Teresa married Author David Weatherly. David and Teresa gave the children fake names. And constantly moved around the country so as not to be found. Even knowing this, no one can find any of our loved ones.

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