Spirit Talk August-September 2011

Posted by Chris on Wednesday, 12 of October , 2011 at 5:23 pm

Spirit Talk August-September 2011

Pet Soul Stories – Life After Death for Animals?

Spirit Talk


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Comment by Kim Edmonds

Made Wednesday, 12 of October , 2011 at 6:23 pm

Chris, I’ve often found myself wondering if the loved fur babies I’ve lost over the years can return to visit and possibly even interact with the current fur babies in my home. Any information will be greatly and deeply appreciated.

And, I am sad to know that you will not be returning with nor will the show Psychic Kids be returning for another season. I always enjoyed you on it. I first discovered you on Dead Famous and enjoyed the show a lot. I don’t know what happened with that but have caught you on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. I would love to see you have your own show again. Anything like that in the works? Please keep me posted. I’m following you on Twitter and know of your Facebook page.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Always a fan.

Comment by Kim Edmonds

Made Wednesday, 12 of October , 2011 at 6:35 pm

Squirt sounds exactly like my Skittles! Down to the physical description!! I also had a cat named Tigger. I truly believe we are connected (you & I) and I hope I don’t sound “crazy” but I can so relate to pretty much everything I’ve heard in this episode of Spirit Talk. Skittles had a sister Mischief who was the aunt to Trinity and was such a caretaker of Trini that Mischief was hit by a car one night going out to retrieve Trini who was always getting out and being the nomad. I pray Mischief visits me … I held her wrapped in a towel while she passed and her organs failed.

I also went thru the passing my pug,Brinklee Baby Girl, who was the runt of the litter and passed from a heart attack at the age of 4. I pray Brinklee visits me also. I tear up when I recall the night she passed. I can relate to the pain you still feel and the guilt you still hold onto for not putting one of your cats to sleep and her suffering from your self-labeled “selfishness”. We just don’t realize the consequences of our undying love for our fur babies at the time they need us most. I’m confident you’ve learned from that moment in your life and will not make that decision again.

I hope this message/comment isn’t too long or boring. But I agree with you that our animals chose us not the other way around. I don’t know what I’d do without my kitties Sable and Skittles.

Have a truly blessed evening, Chris.


Comment by Angie

Made Wednesday, 12 of October , 2011 at 6:50 pm

Thank you so much for sharing your stories, Chris. After having Stinky put to sleep recently and not being there while they did it, I feel so terribly guilty. She was an amazing cat and I miss her so very much. She belonged to my late Mother in law,and I hope that they are together. The 4 years I had Stinky in my life were so entertaining !! She was so loving and sweet. Her ashes are here and I find that so comforting. I have not felt or seen her, but I did have a lovely dream about her. Maybe that was her way of saying goodbye and that she is okay. I’m sure I shall still get very upset when I think about her for some time to come (like now !), but I can also smile about all the funny things she did. Your words have been a comfort and a help. Thank you so very much.

Comment by Karen Murray

Made Saturday, 15 of October , 2011 at 9:27 pm

I had a cat his name is Oskar
I got him from a cat foundation
My husband was very sick. He had a brain tumor removed.
I had to go back to work and i didn’t want him to be alone during the day. So we got Oskar he was to be put to sleep that day. But we took him in. he had been on the street for years he stunk and was full or hair balls. Pat and oskar bonded he was his best friend.We had him for over 7 years the last years he got sick. pat had to give him eye drops 4 times a day. then he lost a eye from glaucoma . then he went blind and he could not adjust. so we had to put him to sleep.pat held him to the end.
then I went home pat was in the hospital so he went back there.
that night i heard him at the garbage bag scratching his scratching bored. as i was alone i got a bit freaked i went to bed put ear plugs in and took a sleeping pill and as i fell asleep i felt him jump on the bed. he always slept on my extra pillow. pat came home a week later and well i told him that oskar was still here. i think he thought i was over reacting , well he heard the scratching post then the garbage . i looked up and said did you hear that. oh yes he said . we gave the scratching post to a friend so it wasn’t in the apt still we heard it. for months this went on. I think he just wanted us to know he was there and was OK
he visits on and off. not so much since we moved
we told him the day we moved that he could come with us.
once in a while things fall over for no reason. just like a cat swatted it. we are glad we had him as a friend

Comment by Maria Arnott

Made Thursday, 20 of October , 2011 at 3:06 am

Hello Chris,
Thanks very much for sharing this very personal story regarding your pets. Now that I’ve dried my eyes…Hopefully this little bit of a rambling story may make you laugh…My brother had a Burmese brown short hair cat called ‘Clyde'(Bonny his sister had died a couple of years earlier and the cat that took her place was gorgeous, aloof Burma, another beautiful Burmese). Anyway, I adopted Clyde as my best buddy on my return from overseas years ago as I was living with my brother and sister’n’law for a bit before I got my own place. He was the funniest cat and the best fur covered friend I’ve ever had (something to do with unconditional love I guess heheh). He’d do some really comic things like, he’d jump up and trip the door handle to the spare room I was sleeping in during the night, then he’d enter and proceed to get under the duvee at the foot of the bed then crawl up under the covers until he got to my pillow…all the while purring and dribbling (he’d had some major altercation with a vehicle the left him a bit of a dribbler – if you want to hear that story that can happen another time)…and then he’d (I kid you not, lay his head on the pillow facing me and then knead my collar bone or my cheeks). All the time he’s doing this, I’d be killing myself laughing and he’d be purring and dribbling with his pink tongue out. Another thing he’d do would be at meal time I’d face him and tap my shoulder a couple of times and then wiggle his back legs then he’d launch himself like a Puma and he’d land on my chest with both his arm/paws around my neck (of course purring and dribbling). He was a big cat..not fat…but musclular…I think of him from time to time..and I know my brother and sister’n’law still miss him,Bonny and also Burma. They have a picture I drew that they hang in every home they live in – a pen and ink stylised drawing of Clyde and Burma in their basket in a stylised yin/yang position…one of my favourite pictures. I think of him from time to time and always have a giggle at how he’d do stuff like hop in the car like a dog and go for a ride sniffing the wind through a crack in the window, how as a result of his injuries his balance wasn’t that good and we’d all be ready to pounce to grab him when he decided to walk along the patio rail that was 5 metres up from the ground and his back leg would slip. Another cat I had that I really loved was ‘Turdy’ who I taught to retrieve playing cards and to jump onto the newspaper if Dad was holding it up reading it in his chair (hilarious). And my friend’s cat ‘Sylvester’ more of a horse than a cat…huge white short hair…aloof but a character. I miss them all! They are all on the other side now and what a hoot if I passed and Clyde would fly up and wrap his paws around my neck…it would confirm for me I am in a good place. I’d love to have a cat or dog of my own but unfortunately I own an apartment that doesn’t allow animals…so I’m hinting to my brother to get another cat (as they have just built a new home) so I’m sure that not long in the future I’ll be an aunty to another Bonny,Burma or Clyde, Turdy, Fluffy, Sylvester, Molly or Sooty. Perhaps the dent at the end of my bed that occured regularly a couple of years ago in my apartment may have been a cat in spirit…Sylveter perhaps…food for thought and hindsight slightly sucks in that instance :-) Anyway, thanks again and I’ll look forward to your next instalment soon. Best of the best of wishes.

Comment by Kim

Made Sunday, 23 of October , 2011 at 8:49 am

Chris — Finally had a chance to list to your more recent podcast. (I’ve greatly enjoyed all of the others!) I have to admit that I am a bit surprised that it seemed to take you so long to come to the conclusions you did about our animal friends. I have always felt that those wonderful creatures who come into our lives are with us for a reason (just as the humans are) and that they understand and need love (both in this life and beyond) and I have always fully expected that they will be there waitng for me when the time comes to cross.

My father is very much like you — he has always had great difficulty in putting animals to sleep and my mother (or my mother and I together) have had to be the ones to actually take our ailing pets to the vet for the last time. We had to put down a wonderful cat named Charlie this past year and it was very difficult for all of us. I was working and my Mom and Dad took Charlie in — Mom knowing that it would be time to say good-bye. Dad just couldn’t do it and insisted on bringing Charlie home for just a bit longer. Mom and I could see that poor Charlie just wasn’t enjoying life any longer and was in pain, even though he wasn’t crying or showing other obvious signs of discomfort. So — she and I made the final trip to the vet without Dad. The night before, I sat with Charlie and talked with him about what was doing to happen the next day. I told him that we hated to do it but, that we also hated to see him in pain. He looked into my eyes and seemed to understand completely, then closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. At the vet’s office the next day, Mom and I petted him and talked to him — saying our final goodbyes. He looked at us with great love and seemed to not only understand, but to actually be grateful that we were helping him find relief from his pain. As you had, I was very aware of the moment he passed. It was painful for all of us, but we felt better knowing he was no longer suffering. We have been lucky enough to have a new cat come into our lives. A boisterous kitten (2 months when we got her – now 8 months old)who has brought us much joy.

I hope you continue to have a life filled with the joy you can only know from sharing your life with a pet(s).

Please keep the podcasts coming! They are wonderful!

Comment by Belinda kay turner

Made Saturday, 3 of December , 2011 at 11:48 am

Hi chris, just listened to your podcast about your experience with your pets. Hon, you & I have shared virtually exact experiences with our pets, mine being dogs. You’re correct about their souls, and I have had visitations from my most recent baby, who I had to put to sleep 3 weeks ago. All together, I have had to euthanize 9 pets, & it doesn’t get any easier. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of you, I truly appreciate it, I don’t feel quite so alone in my knowledge of what I know I had to do……

Comment by sandee

Made Saturday, 25 of August , 2012 at 3:44 pm

four hours ago I had to put my dog down. She was 14 and my best friend. I cant stop crying. I came across this and It gave me hope and comfort. I like you believe that I will see my dog chance when I get to the other side. We have a plan to join my other dogs Chewy and Big Dog and go running around the biggest field we can find. Im so sad and I already miss her so much my heart is breaking.

Comment by Lisa

Made Tuesday, 8 of January , 2013 at 9:02 am

Had I not found you and your wonderful insight a few months back the loss of my precious cat Dory yesterday would have been much more excruciating. My baby passed away at home with her family by her side. I felt her take her last breath and I felt relief for her knowing she’d be safe waiting for us. I still wish I could just get a small sign that she is okay, happy and knows how much I love and miss her.
Thank you so much Chris for being you and sharing your stories with us!

Comment by Kirsten

Made Wednesday, 29 of October , 2014 at 10:47 pm

I’m crying too! We’ve all been very lucky indeed.

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