Spirit Talk March 2011

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, 22 of March , 2011 at 9:46 pm

Spirit Talk March 2011

A Spiritual Interview with Dannion Brinkley who wrote the New York Times Best Seller
“Saved By The Light” about his Near Death Experiences and Incredible Journey
to the other side and back.

Spirit Talk


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Category: Paranormal and Supernatural

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Comment by Angel W

Made Sunday, 27 of March , 2011 at 9:14 am

This podcast was very powerful and true. I agree with Mr. Brinkley completely. As I’ve gained in human age and experience I’ve come to understand what I instinctively already knew. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. We choose this life and those we touch. We create our world and reality. We choose how we want to impact this world and our personal growth as spiritual beings. We have within us good and evil, equally as powerful; we can choose the positive aspects of ourselves with our thoughts and actions. I come from a Native American ethnicity and many of us live and experience a connection to “the other side” daily with our prayers and ceremonies. Much of what we experience in our ceremonies would blow most peoples minds. I am intrigued by the ghost hunting programs, but find it somewhat humorous because I know that spirits are always around us; it isn’t anything to be afraid of. With that being said, I do not fear death, but look forward to that day that I will be with my relatives again. I lost my teenage son 4 years ago and have absolutely no doubts of where he is and that he is doing just fine. I’m gonna buy Mr. Brinkley’s books. Thanks.

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