Spirit Talk December 2010

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, 28 of December , 2010 at 10:14 pm


Spirit Talk December 2010

Interview with three individuals from Facebook
who have had extraordinary encounters with what they
believed to be an Angel. Modern stories for a modern age.

Spirit Talk


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Comment by Misha

Made Thursday, 30 of December , 2010 at 12:21 am

Chris, I think this is an amazing story you have culminated. I firmly believe angles move through out lives daily, you just have to be open as to how the msg may be relayed. I spoke with you for quite sometime while on the trip to Queen Mary. I have been trying to come to terms with some impathic issues I have had since childhood, now with 2 lil children of my own….I was in no way prepared for what happened shortly after the long beach trip. Two nights after returning home, I get a sudden call fromba friend needing to know if I can watch he kids, she just had unexpected death of a close friend. I took her life in for the night, but my own kids down to bed. About 3 hours later my son (age seven) came into my room crying that there was a man standing I’m his room talking to him. He distinctly could tell me every descriptive detail of the man, right done to home he smelled and was wearing. He told me that the man needed him to help. My son terrified came into my bed….but somehow I knew this had to do with my gfs funeral she attended. (i knew nothing of the man buried). The next day I relayed the info of what my lil son said to her and she instantly broke down in tears. She stopped by my house and showed son about 15 pics of various men, but son went instantly to pic of man who just past. From that nite on, there was unstoppable noises coming from her home. She called me over at middle of nite to help make sense of this. I asked her and husband not to Givem information, just to allow me to walk thru home. I felt myself drown to an corner of den and just waited. Within moments, I picked up him energy, feelings last moment of life, could picture in detail family he left behind and msgs he needed to pass on. My friends cried everything I spoke sounded like it was coming straight from their friend…they were even more angry that their friend used my son, then me to get msg to them. I truly believe angles are all around us. Sometime they have to find other mediums in which to present themselves, because those closest to their living contacts tend too early to dismiss the meaningful msgs that have to be heard cuz they are too consumed in their own grief to recognized the beauty of the afterlife and the angles sent to protect us. If u open urself up when u are emotionally ready to receive, u will realize that they have been there all along……watching, protecting and hoping to communicate. God Bless. Misha

Comment by ETHELYNN

Made Thursday, 30 of December , 2010 at 1:56 pm


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