Spirit Talk Radio Episode 2

Posted by Chris on Friday, 17 of April , 2009 at 7:40 pm

Spirit Talk Radio

Spirit Talk Radio Episode 2

Discussion on Pen State – Univ Con, the souls, answers to listeners questions
and a dream that came true, but the disaster was prevented.

Spirit Talk


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Comment by Sarah

Made Saturday, 25 of June , 2016 at 7:24 am

In the subject of EVPs and precognitive dreams, I think its important to note the concept of change.

In his story about his sister, Chris was able to change the outcome. However, in dreams of major tragic events, those who experience them are not expected to “Jack Bauer” in and save the day. I believe once I heard that he had a dream about the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Could he have done something to prevent it? Probably not. But in having that experience he did have a slight edge in being prepared to personally handle the great changes in the general emotional landscape.

Often people have dreams that make no sense, here change is constantly is occurring as well. Personal association of certain themes and objects can be made into complex concepts and triggers, such as the life preserver in Chris’s dream. It is kind of like turning words into sentences, I think.

In the case of gaining EVPs, change can be caused be simple acknowledgement for the spirit or the investigator. Whether it is to answer questions, or simply to say “I’m Here.” or “I’ll show you.” Change can come in the form of further personal validation and the making of connection.

Whether these changes are guided by an intelligence or not is up for philosophical debate. I believe that we are in a constant state of growth and flux. We are not the same person we were 5 years ago, heck, we aren’t even the same person we were 5 mins ago. Our bodies and spirits are constantly bombarded with energies and information which influence our actions. Just one tiny cog in the giant beautiful universe machine, full of intricate complexities. It’s hard to imagine people of a certain mind, in a certain location, at a certain time, doing a certain thing, moving humanity forward. Towards what? That is up for another philosophical debate.

But I believe that if we maintain a fluid mind, anyone can potentially access information that is relevant to them. It is based on the concept that is constantly repeated over and over in and out of the paranormal community, to be “open-minded in comprehension and listen.”

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