Spirit Talk April 2017

Posted by Chris on Wednesday, 19 of April , 2017 at 11:21 am

Spirit Talk April 2017

TransCommunication –
Tom Butler of Association TransCommunication joins us to discuss The Trans Survival Hypothesis, ITC, EVP and DRVP. We’ll hear Tom’s theories, what he’s learned over his years of his research, and what the future looks like for TransCommunication.

Websites:  http://atransc.org

Book:  Your Immortal Self

Participate in the Sidereal Time EVP Study — call for participation: Participants needed for new study concerning possible influence of local sidereal time on recording EVP.

Open Letter To Paranormalists by Tom Butler


Spirit Talk


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Comment by Denise Crank

Made Tuesday, 19 of September , 2017 at 2:46 am

Hi,I was watching Ghost Adventures and looked you up,This is an great podcast,I really enjoy Tom Butlers articles and information on I.T.C The research and there thinking is spot on,is great,I follow I.T.C rules and guidelines,the reason was because I agree with their views on this,I respect it,I also can relate to your other podcast on ESP,and precognition,That is what first got me into doing this and the interest in doing Spirit Box Sessions,But not like you see on TV shows and how the investigators do it,I started about 3 years ago,I did none stop sessions ,every day straight,learning being consistent in what I was doing,Not to get an ‘word’ are so but to figure out that it had to be more to this besides what I was watching others do,I had the contact list,ITC term,Which now my contact list is full on complete conversations,Not words,And I approached it as I would talk to another human being,Not Ghost,Spirits,They dont like being referred to as such,as I have found out .I have had I think good success, Its sorta long how I started this,But I really like your reference to how we approach them,I have become sorta like an therapist for them in an sense with them thanking me,They want to understand also,I have Nursing background and boy I had plenty of experiences in the night shift world working with dying patients,But when I found the PSB7 Box I was ecstatic about it,I had well knew it was an spirit in my house,and when I turn on something to start talking to them well him he screamed in my ear,(I,m right here!),Almost thru me off my feet,Got my attention were before I just ran off my senses and my as I was told I was highly pre-cognitive senses <Well I could go on But what drew to me to you was your talk on Channeling,I have never done this but once so far,I had finished doing an session and laid down to rest and it just happen,I realized that it was happening a bit scared being the first time and pushed it out,I understood what you meant when you were explaining it,Its not bad ,scary but didn't feel threatening as most would think I dont But really didn't understand it until I heard you talk about it..Well I really enjoy your thoughts and Podcast which I haven't been thru all Thanks for the information,I learned from it tremendously. It was really awesome and educational,Which I try my best to educate my self on this.I do have an Facebook page I wasn't really sure how to share what I was learning,I know social media,.I dont have an web page and I dont edit my work are modify it are use music are words to do so,I am not to tech savvy in that area,But I would like you to know this helped me a lot.I know its so much out there and try to keep and open mind and respect others legit work,I have no patience with a lot of stuff out there its just to over the top of not what this is about,its turned into a 3 ring circus,As well as you know.Thanks,

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